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Lighter, Sharper, Smarter.

As the newest member to our Lightning Flash Drive collection, iKlips DUO+ is the ultimate tool for data storage,
transfer and backup to compliment all your Apple devices. Together with the iKlips App, it is the easiest way
to share music, photos, videos, and a variety of content across all your devices - iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini,
Mac, even PC- with iKlips DUO+ you can have what you want, when you want it.

USB 3.1 read speed: Up to 130 MB/s. Lightning read speed: 25 MB/s.

Good Things in a Small Package.

The sleek, ergonomic design makes iKlips DUO+ better in every way. Don't sacrifice comfort for quality, ever again. Advanced engineering and a zinc/aluminum alloy give iKlips DUO+ maximum strength while minimizing size and weight.

Let it Rain.

Accessing data should be fast and effortless. That is why we designed the lightning connector body to fit seamlessly with any case on. That's right, get your files in no time – even with a thick, waterproof cover!

Sophistication in Hand.

Thanks to the iKlips DUO+ Easy-Grip design, you can keep one hand free at all times.

Feeling Good.

Perfectly comfortable and sleek, iKlips DUO+ has an ergonomic design that ensures seamless connection and removal.

Safe and Sound.

The free iKlips app is the addition that lets you take iKlips DUO+ to the max. With password and fingerprint protection for your drive or selected files, the iKlips app is a solid digital safe that works flawlessly on all Apple devices. A variety of advanced features like direct photo backup, 3D Touch support, Multi-Select, Drop-To and Split View options, and Integration with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Apple apps – your data has never been more protected.

Twist and Shout.

Simply rotate iKlips Duo+ and you're good to go with its smooth, unique swivel action.

Design is everything.

  • Aluminum alloy

    Slimmer, smoother and better than ever before. iKlips DUO+ features the same premium aluminum found in the iPhone 6 – with a Concentric circles-brush finish that tells you this is one very special flash drive.

  • Zinc alloy

    Engineered with zinc alloy, iKlips DUO+ is shock-resistant and dustproof to withstand real day-to-day use. Ready straight out of the box for the new generation of smart- phones, tablets and laptops.

  • Stage

    It's a design that's been perfected to be more practical, with a redesigned body to fit even more iPhone and iPad cases. Use your iKlips DUO+ and keep your iPhone where it belongs, scratch-free and snug inside the case you love.

  • Key ring

    The simplest ideas can be the best. We've added a handy key ring, so that you can always keep it close without fear of losing it. Attach it to a keychain on your bag, clothes, or your actual keys. It is an attachment worth having.

Add up your space with
iKlips DUO+

Flash memory.

Produced with top-quality flash memory, iKlips DUO+ features one of the world's fastest memory storage types for Phones and iPads. Not just speedy, it's more stable and has a much longer lifespan as well.

Apple MFi-certified.

Fully certified and licensed by Apple as a “Made for iPhone, iPad & iPod” product. Designed specifically for Apple devices, the iKlips DUO+ meets strict performance and manufacturing standards, and it's backed by Adam Elements' highest level of quality assurance. Always check for MFi, and don't trust anything without it.

New power, new experience from new design.

iKlips App

iKlips 4.0 features a newly redesigned interface for iPad to take advantage of its larger screen real estate instead of just blowing up iPhone’s.The ability to organize, backup and share with friends, family and colleagues on the go gives you the power to do more. iKlips is the only way you’ll want to manage your digital assets.

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iKlips App Works Your Way

The iKlips 4.0 app is exactly what you need for taking full advantage of each iKlips feature. Featuring 3D Touch support, multi-select, Spilt View, password protection, Drop-To and even integration with Apple’s Music app to access your iTunes purchase, the intuitive iKlips app elevates your enjoyable iKlips DUO+ experience to another level. Better yet, iKlips 4.0 features a newly redesigned interface for iPad to take advantage of its larger screen real estate instead of just blowing up iPhone’s.

The brand-new iKlips App

Organize, backup and share easily with iKlips 4.0. Its unique new features not only allow you to pass files to friends and family in a snap, but also work faster and enjoy more.

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Store in Style.

With the custom keychain and its stylish leather sleeve that guards against any bumps and bruises,
iKlips DUO+ is available in six gorgeous colors and three different storage capacities, fitting beautifully with all storage needs and styles.

Your purpose: 32GB / 64GB / 128GB.