iKlips App

New power, new experience, new design.

The brand-new iKlips App

Organize, backup and share easily with iKlips 4.0. Its unique new features not only allow you to pass files to friends and family in a snap, but also work faster and enjoy more.


A look into the space.

Know how much file estate you own in a glimpse. The iKlips 4.0 App displays the available storage of both your iPhone / iPad and attached iKlips, so you’re always in command of the remaining space and able to rearrange or backup the files before the vacancy runs out.

Effortless library

A humongous library calls for a powerful librarian, so does your voluminous iKlips. The powerful sorting and searching functions of the iKlips 4.0 App makes it extremely easy for you to perform file organization tasks such as editing, sharing or renaming.

Good memories in-a-box.

Fully integrated with Facebook and Instagram, the iKlips App 4.0 keeps a copy of your memories in the cloud, so you can share the photos, albums or videos with the loved ones offline, anytime.

iOS 11 File app support.

iKlips App 4.0 works perfectly with the new File app in iOS 11 to collect all files in one place for your browsing, searching and organizing convenience. More than those on your iPhone or iPad, the files on other iOS devices, iCloud Drive and Dropbox are all at your fingertips with the iKlips App.

3D Touch

iKlips App supports 3D Touch on iPhone so you can
quickly preview files and use helpful shortcuts.

Multi-file, multi-task,

The iKlips App is a team player with the Split View environment on the iPad. You can open another app while using iKlips to access the files stored – a better way to work on several documents.

Your inspiration
sounds good.

Take voice notes as you go. The iKlips App 4.0 is also a handy tool for this purpose and better yet, the recorded file is on the iKlips, taking up none of the phone space.

It’s also a smart
camera app.

The iKlips App 4.0 is now has a smarter, sharper camera app. Take high-definition photos or even 4K videos and save them to the iKlips directly for additional editing or filter effects.

Your personal jukebox.

You may have already stored thousands of songs in your iKlips, and now you can play music purchased from iTunes Music Store with the iKlips App too.

Watertight security for
all your files.

Protected with your own fingerprint or passcode, the encrypted files and folders stored in the iKlips are strictly kept from the prying eyes. Absolute privacy? Check.

A safe walk in
the cloud.

Sync all your files on iKlips to iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox with our App for another level of safety and easy access – it’s like having an additional insurance for your valuable data.

Play ‘em all.

The iKlips App is not just a file management tool, but an amazingly powerful media player as well. It rivals most apps of the kind and even supports videos with caption.

We speak
24 languages.

Versatile and smart, the iKlips App boasts an intuitive interface of over 24 languages. It’s a world of treasures.