iKlips C

The Smart File Organizer in Your Palm

With comprehensive storage, playing and backup functions
the iKlips C is no plain-vanilla USB drive
it’s a fully integrated solution that makes your phone even more complete

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miReader C

More Space for Your Creativity

This is where the compact, lightweight iKlips
miReader C comes in — it copies the contents on your microSD
cards in or out swiftly without tedious external readers or
connections. Just plug it in and you’re ready to roll.

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iKlips DUO+

A sidekick for your every turn.

With just a swivel, easily share your files between iPhone,
iPad, Mac & PC: View, backup, and manage your gallery,
videos and data directly on iKlips DUO+.

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iKlips ll

Extra Space for Extra Peace

With a combination of ex-FAT format for unlimited file size,
blazingly fast memory for 4K (and of course 1080p HD)
videos and capacity of up to 128GB for storage.

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iKlips miReader 4K

My style, miReader.

The iKlips miReader is the best iPhone/iPad 4K card reader and
extended storage as it touts Lightning on one side and Micro USB
female on the other. Its ergonomic and easy grip design make
quick removal/insertion truly hassle free.

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iKlips Wizard

Powerful Connections.

Make powerful connections with a unique, flexible design
by experiencing the cool aluminum body, durable braided
leather flat cable, magnetic cap and ADAM plate that will
open the door to expanded storage on the go.

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iKlips DUO

You'll get attached to it.

It's the complement your iPhone and iPad deserve:
manage your content your way and in style.

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You'll get attached to it.

World's Fastest Apple Lightning Flash Drive. Quickly
transmit data between iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC
without using internet, cloud system, or iTunes!

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iKlips App

New power, new experience
from new design.

Organize, backup and share easily with iKlips 4.0. Its
unique new features not only allow you to pass files to
friends and family in a snap, but also work faster and
enjoy more.

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