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World's Fastest Apple Lightning Flash Drive.Quickly transmit data between iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC without using internet, cloud system, or iTunes!

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Game. Changed.

Transfer anything from your computer to iPhone or iPad. And vice-versa. For storage, photos, movies, music, transfer and backup.
With Lightning connector, USB 3.1, exFAT support and an extra-special clip design, it’s a flash drive like no other.
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Fastest in town.

Engineered to support USB 3.1. The first and only of its kind. That means mega-fast transfer speeds on those big files. Less waiting, more doing.

USB 3.1 140/70MB/s

Read/write Speed

Lightning 26 /10MB/s

Read/write Speed


We like being the first. And the best. So iKlips supports exFAT, while nobody else does. Using exFAT means there’s no limit to individual file sizes. Other drives with FAT32 have a 4GB size limit - probably not even enough for a HD movie. For the best, go to Adam Elements.

  • Apple MFi certified

    Fully certified and licensed by Apple as a product Made for iPhone, iPad & iPod. Designed specifically for Apple, iKlips meet strict performance and manufacturing standards and are backed by Adam Elements’ highest level of quality assurance. Always check for MFi. Don’t trust anything without it.

For you and me.

Sharing should be simple. It doesn’t get much simpler than this. Klip it, save it and share it. Give your iKlip to your friend and what’s yours becomes theirs. Photos, documents, movies, whatever. Magic.

More of your stuff. On your iPhone.

Or your iPad. Because space can get tight in there. With iKlips you can have up to 256GB external storage, so you don’t need to leave your movies and TV shows behind for that flight. Open files directly from iKlips – doesn’t matter how much space is free on your device.

Clip it, Klip it.

Award-winning lightweight aluminium design with a built-in clip on the back. Clip it to your bag or pocket. It's hard to lose. And that's a good thing.

iKlips Pricing

As much as you love your iPhone, don’t you wish it had more space? iPhone and iPad external storage. For when your phone is packed full of games, apps and music. Available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB & 256GB. Just don’t forget to take it with you.

Why iKlips ?

We love creating beautiful, functional products for people who live and breathe technology, just like us. At the heart of any product design process is the interaction between technology and people, and we decided to push it further. We wanted to make real connections, so aside from technical and performance innovations such as USB 3.1 and exFAT support, we incorporated a completely unique clip on the back side. You can attach your flash drive to your bag, clothes or pockets and always keep it safe. Plus sharing content between friends, or keeping your memories safe and sound, just became a whole lot easier. From the very beginning iKlips has been a special project - blending artistic form with usability, ergonomics with functionality, and creativity with practicality – and we can’t wait to share the award-winning end product with the world. Developed by the Adam Elements team and exclusively manufactured in Taiwan.


More space for adventure.

As much as you love your iPhone, don’t you wish it had more space? iPhone and iPad external storage. For when your phone is packed full of games, apps and music. Available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB & 256GB. Just don’t forget to take it with you.


Premium quality. Simply the best.

Precision engineered with premium materials to integrate into the iOS family. High-grade polished aluminium is smooth and cool to the touch as well as high-strength armor against damage. Available in five vibrant matte color plans with elastic silicone caps for rugged protection on the go. Inside features high-calibre MLC flash memory for a longer lifespan, along with USB 3.1 technology for the fastest read/write speeds in the world: 140/70 MBs (Lightning 26/10 MBs). Adam elements products are designed to look the best, and perform even better.

iKlips App
Works Your Way.

The iKlips 3.0 app is exactly what you need for taking full advantage of each iKlips feature. Featuring 3D Touch support, multi-select, Spilt View, password protection, Drop-To and even integration with Apple’s Music app to access your iTunes purchase, the intuitive iKlips app elevates your enjoyable iKlips DUO+ experience to another level. Better yet, iKlips 3.0 features a newly redesigned interface for iPad to take advantage of its larger screen real estate instead of just blowing up iPhone’s.


Overall TweakTown Rating

Adam Elements' iKlips offers fast, high capacity external storage for your iOS device via its Lightning and USB 3.1 port connections.

The iKlips from Adam Elements is certainly the quickest Apple Lightning flash drive we have tested having topped out our chart, though its high price may be too much to overlook.

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iKlips App

You can directly view photos and documents, playback music, TV series, and movies stored on iKlips on any iOS lightning device without having to worry about the device’s storage capacity. iPhone and iPad data can be backed up at any time without having to use a computer, iCloud or iTunes. iKlips files and folders can be directly managed on the device. These Videos will show you how to do all kinds of things with iKlips App.

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