GoHealthy provides a glimpse at the future of health care and preventative medicine.

Its innovative combination of the mobile App and GoHealthy Bluetooth devices acts as a personal healthcare assistant that conveniently monitors the current health level and long-term trends.

Medical Services Referral

Refer to nearby medical center if necessary.

Health Book

Collect all health and medical history.

Data transmission automatically

GoHealthy proactively delivers vital health information, making it ideal for those who are health conscious but busy and those with health issues. Caregivers and concerned family members can easily monitor the health of young children and elderly remotely. When health issues occur, GoHealthy can notify family doctors or other medical experts so problems can be quickly treated.

  • Self-Management through Self-Monitoring
  • Intuitive chart
  • Data transmission automatically
  • Share results instantly with friends and family

Screenshots time!

The app’s easy-to-understand interface allows individual self-health management with features including trend analysis and automatic health targets!

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