• Caring for
    family begins
    with you.
    GoHealthy BP1
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    Meet GoHealthy BP1
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    Caring for family begins with you.

Caring for family begins with you

Meet GoHealthy BP1

As a smart, portable, blood pressure monitor,
the BP1 automatically connects with the free GoHealthy mobile app and
sets you on the right track to a healthier lifestyle.

For ages 40 to 60

Be the example. Show your kids and parents that family health is important by sharing your daily readings with them via the intuitive GoHealthy app.

  • Less energy and vitality → Motivated to ‘be the change
  • Lack of exercise → A more active family life
  • Take too many dietary supplements
            → Correct dosage of all medicine

For those under 40

Seeing live health data and tracking it over time is a great tool to increase health oriented activities while decreasing the risk of falling into unhealthy habits.

  • 1. Eating junk food everyday → Eating Healthier
  • 2. Eating outside often → Making time to eat at home
  • 3. Greasy food, no vegetables or fruits diet
             → A more balanced


GoHealthy BP1

Get on track to a healthier life
-The Easy Track

Measuring your blood pressure is simple, tracking it over time and understanding what it means for your health is complex. Now you can easily keep track of your blood pressure by connecting BP1 with the GoHealthy mobile app for a 360-degree view of your health. Keep two records: on your mobile device and cloud database. Wherever you go, GoHealthy app will keep your health on track.


GoHealthy BP1

Get on track to a healthier life
-The Right Track

Caring for your family’s health is truly worry free with a variety of features like custom reminders, multi-language support, goal setting, news feed, dynamic messaging and multiple user profiles. Get on the right track with GoHealthy app which gives real-time updates so your family or your doctor can keep track of your health and blood pressure records.


GoHealthy BP1

Get on track to a healthier life
-The Smart Track

Measure your blood pressure with BP1 and your stats will automatically be updated and analyzed for long-term trends on the GoHealthy app. See where your results stand on the WHO Blood Pressure Graph, share them via email or text with family members and doctors, post them on popular social media networks, or even follow those close to you get updated on their health trends as soon as they record it..

GoHealthy BP1

Seamless Measuring, Monitoring & Tracking

Simple measurement:

Unlimited user accounts.
Same familiar operation as hospital devices makes it easy to get started.

GoHealthy BP1

Telehealth without effort

• Care for those who care about you.
• No matter where you are, the GoHealthy app can keep you informed about loved one’s blood pressure anytime.
• Exclusive WHO warning notifications inform you about possible health conditions.

GoHealthy BP1 official introduction.

Instant reading and push notifications

Respond immediately to abnormal blood pressure readings. User specific notifications keep your family’s health in order and on record. From daily readings to when emergencies occur, you will receive different notifications on your mobile device from the Gohealthy app to keep you informed about your loved one’s health.

Keep your records on the GoHealthy Cloud Service

Connect to the GoHealthy Cloud for desktop view, 24/7 online medical consultation, to find nearby medical facilities, personal health reports, and to keep all your data safe and sound.

Dual screen display

This technology is a step for humanity and encourages awareness by showing diastolic and systolic blood pressure as well as heart rate readings on the BP1 display screen.

Multiple medical certificate approvals

BP1 had been tested and approved by the FDA, CE and leading global inspection and certification organizations.

Testimonials from Doctors and Pharmacists

Most physicians emphasize the importance of taking daily blood pressure readings. Regularly monitoring your blood pressure can help encourage a more active life and prevent overmedication.

Download GoHealthy APP

Manage your health.

ADAM GoHealthy app assists in managing body health by tracking and displaying multiple health indexes.
It has a limitless amount of space for user health information
so it can also be extended to family and friends.

GoHeallthy APP


We welcome suggestions for building an app that suits you and your needs better. We strive to improve the GoHealthy series, so if there is something missing from our app or products, please contact us so we can build better features. Thank you!

~ You’ll be fit for the future with GoHealthy ~


Learn more about BP1

Instant measurement and warning module: view your records on-device or on your smartphone. GoHealthy App: One app to monitor all your health readings. Multi-language support: 9 languages currently supported.

Product Name BP1 Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Dimensions 120 x 140 x 70 mm
Weight 370 g, including batteries
Measurement Blood pressure; Pulse beats
Storage 4 x Persons; 99 readings per person in device
Power Supply 4 x AA-size Batteries
Storage Environment -20°C to 60°C, 10% to 95% RH
Warranty One year
Support Device Supports smartphones or tablets with iOS 7.0+ and
Android OS 4.3+ with Bluetooth.