Whether you're an amateur or a professional, a better step will take you further toward reaching your goal. Seeing progress being made is the best motivator. A little guidance on how to get there helps, too.

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A Better Step

The ordinary set of scales needs little introduction. Step on and you’ll know your weight for that given day. But now that step can mean something more rewarding. Introducing GoHealthy BF1.

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A Fitter Future

Besides offering accurate weight readings, BF1 analyzes your body’s BMI, body fat, muscle and bone mass, body water, and BMR. By conveniently having these health insights to hand, it’s easier to take control of your goals for the road ahead – especially when you know what they are.

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For everyone

Everyone’s concerns are different. With GoHealthy BF1 you can have realtime access to what matters to you. Integrating with its GoHealthy app and Apple Health, it simplifies the steps for everyone in managing their health. And with support for multiple users, you can trend your own health and those who matter to you as well – family members and even teammates.

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Push yourself

You don’t have to make any effort for BF1 to work. There is no complicated interface to navigate, and there are no buttons to push. Just simply step on. The only thing you’ll have to push is yourself. And with the right health insights now to hand, that’ll now be easier than ever before.

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It just works

After you step on, BF1 will perform a BIA test to analyze your body composition. Through its sleek tempered glass, BF1 measures resistance to a signal traveling through water in your body muscle and fat. Although technically advanced, BF1 doesn’t require technical expertise. Your stats will appear automatically in the GoHealthy app on your smartphone, where there’ll be stored for longterm trends. It’s technology that works for you, leaving you to concentrate better on your goals.

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It’s about you

Everyone’s concerns are different. So BF1 is a monitor for both health goals and general wellbeing concerns. The GoHealthy app supports multiple users. So trend your own health and those who matter to you as well – family members and even teammates.

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Your Style. Your Purpose.

With a gorgeous design, BF1 fits in with your style.
Place it where it’s convenient for you to use, and it’ll feel right at home.

BF1 / GoHealthy

BF1 is part of a bigger picture from Adam Elements.
Easy to set up and to understand, our Bluetooth-enabled health devices synchronize with our GoHealthy suite to record health data and provide trending information. With our devices, you’ll be able to monitor and analyze an array of concerns – including blood pressure, heart rhythm, body temperature, blood glucose levels, weight, and your BMI. This information can be used to self-manage your health and provide better data for healthcare professionals.

You’ll be fit for the future with GoHealthy.



Specifications and Parameters

  • Product Dimensions

    Product Dimensions: 321 X 321 X 25 mm

    Glass panel: 321 X 321 X 6 mm

  • Net Weight

    1.98 kg (does not include batteries)

  • Display

    Blue film LCD with white backlight.

    Visible range: 74x53 mm

  • Measurement Unit


  • Measurement Range

    5kg~150kg / 11lb to 330lb

  • Division

    0.1 kg

  • Accuracy


  • Work Environment

    Temperature range: 5°C~ 40°C

    Humidity range: 15%RH~93%RH

    Atmospheric pressure range: 70kPa ~106kPa

  • Storage Environment

    Temperature range: -20°C~ 60°C

    Humidity range: ≤93%RH

    Atmospheric pressure range: 50 kPa ~106 kPa

  • Power Source

    6V (4xAAA batteries)

  • Switch


  • Shut Down Time

    Device shuts down after a reading of 0.0 was shown for 10 seconds or after a fixed measurement reading was shown for 15 seconds.

  • Accessories

    1. 4xAAA batteries

    2. Manual

  • Operating Mode


  • Physical Characteristics and Parameters

    Estimation range for body fat percentage: 5%~80%

    Estimation range for water percentage: 25%~90%

    Estimation range for muscle mass percentage: 25%~90%

    Estimation range for bone mass: 0.5kg~10kg


We invite your suggestions for building an app that suits how you want to manage your health better. We want to improve how easy it is to GoHealthy, so if you feel that is there anything else you’d like to see, then please contact us so we can build the features we can all benefit from.

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