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An Everyday Delight. 

Beautiful USB Type-C cables and adapters – perfect for the new MacBook, Chromebook Pixel 2, and the standards of tomorrow. What’s your type?

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F13 Adapter
USB Type-C to Type-A Female Adapter

Type-C converter is compatible with USB 3.1, USB 3.0 & USB 2.0.
Lightweight and polished, connect your USB accessories to a USB
Type-C enabled MacBook or Chromebook Pixel 2. For mouse, flash
drives, keyboards or any other peripherals, so you can keep using the
accessories you love with your brand new Type-C laptop. With braided
nylon cable and protective aluminium shell, the F13 supports 15 W
(5 V, 3 A) charging output and data speeds up to 5Gbps (USB 3.0).

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Life's delights.

The smooth shapes, sleek textures, and striking colors of
the CASA series are a delight for everyday use.
Priding ourselves on having that attention to details that matter,
we build with premium materials and precision engineering
for a perfect fit every time. It is the little things that
make a difference in life, and our CASA series is just one those
little things that make a difference. A true delight.

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It works.

No setup. No messing. Just plug and play. A CASA series accessory is ready to go right out of the box, with full compatibility for the latest USB Type-C laptops and devices, including the latest generation MacBook, Chromebook Pixel 2, and Ultrabooks. Super easy and super useful for your beautiful new hardware. Charge and sync with the best accessories on the market. Less hassle means more productivity – and more satisfaction. Why settle for anything less?

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M100 Cable
USB Type-C to Type-A Male Cable

Revolutionary, reversible USB Type-C connector with USB 3.1 to standard USB Type-A connector with USB 3.1 Super Speed Gen 1. Because not everybody has caught up with the brand new Type-C just yet. So you can still connect to standard Type-A devices, like hubs and power banks, without any hassle. Data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps are supported along with 15 W (5 V, 3 A) charging output. Super useful for brand new laptops and ultrabooks with Type-C connectors, and with Adam’s high-durability CASA design which includes tough nylon fibre cabling and precision-cut aluminium caps. Available in three vivid colors and an ample length of 3.3 ft.

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V01 Adapter.
USB Type-C to VGA.

A mini-design to stash in your bag for on-the-go. Video resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 are supported, so you can mirror your USB Type-C device to an external VGA display or projector, or extend your desktop to a two-screen setup. Perfect for presentations, professionals or the home-cinema experience. Quality is assured, too, with its aluminum casing to minimize electromagnetic interference. You’ll be good to go in any environment.

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H01 Adapter.
USB Type-C to HDMI.

Get your sports, movies, music, and TV on an even bigger screen by putting your home cinema to work. Nights in will never be the same. With our HDMI adapter for Type-C, you’ll have full HD 1080p, 2K, and Ultra HD 4K audio and video support – and all from your USB Type-C laptop or device. Dim the lights and kick back with the help of CASA. Perfect for sharing experiences.

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B200 Cable.
Extra-Long USB 3.1 Type-C Cable.

The next generation of cables for the next generation of devices. For the new MacBook, Chromebook Pixel 2, and the standards of tomorrow. Reversible USB 3.1 Type-C with 36 W charging output (12 V, 3 A / 14.5 V, 2.4 A) and data transfer speeds up to 480Mbps. A choice of three captivating CASA colors. An extra-long 2-meter long cable. It will keep you hooked up wherever you need to roam and in style. And wherever you go, it will last – with its premium, long-lasting aluminum shell and nylon braid design.

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