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Adam mDrive Adapter MORE THAN A SIMPLE WATCH! STAY CONNECTED TO YOUR PHONE VIA BLUETOOTH! Quickly and easily upgrade your MacBook storage!
• A perfect fit
100% Seamless, you barely know it’s there!
• the 2nd hard drive to MacBook The low cost of 2nd hard drive for your MacBook!
• Tailor-made for each MacBook model.
• No removal tool needed
Use you nail as the tool!
• Patented design of aluminum cap The most simple way to remove it!
• Compatible with Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC Cards Support up to 128GB! Flexible capacity as you need!
• No effect on read/write speed
Speed performance depends on micro SD card specification!
• Plug and Play,no driver needed.
Regular Price: NT 123 Special Price: NT 123
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