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Power Bella 6000 MORE THAN A SIMPLE WATCH! STAY CONNECTED TO YOUR PHONE VIA BLUETOOTH! Charging and discharging speed affects efficiency on the go - with consistent 5V/2.5A high-current input and output, sophisticated styling, and multiple safety mechanisms, Power Battery is the power pack of choice!

Ultra-fast charging on the go with a stylish power pack! Adam Elements has launched Power Battery 6000 Power Pack of Bella Power series. The product is creatively designed to resemble a battery, and is available in variety of beautiful colors. The product is equipped with the most powerful and advanced power supply mechanisms, using top-quality Samsung 6000mAh lithium batteries and supporting 5V/2.5A output/input. Power Battery 6000 can charge mobile devices quickly, and recharge itself with the highest efficiency, providing sufficient energy to be used on the go.

Fashionable design of the product is combined with the best safety mechanisms, with multi-layered safety designs. Power Battery 6000 can effectively prevent overcharging or over-discharging of a battery, to avoid possible spontaneous combustion or explosions. Charging status and battery capacity are clearly indicated through four LED indicators. With its lovely battery-styled appearance in five different colors, together with its efficient charging functions, compact size, and safety features, Power Battery 6000 is an eye-catching choice for a new-generation mobile battery!
Regular Price: NT 99999 Special Price: NT 99999
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  • Dimensions
  • 89*48*33mm
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